Bass and Space

Some pearls out of the ocean of netlabel releases

Type: Blog

CC Community Music Awards

The annual award event that shines a spotlight on Creative Commons music excellence.

Type: Event


Extensive blog/archive spreading the good word about CC music. A great central location to catch up …

Type: Blog


A community site that encourages the use of Creative Commons licensed remixable music resources thro…

Type: Community

Blog spotlighting the latest netlabel releases.

Type: Blog


Music archive site affiliated with Musique Libre featuring an extensive catalogue of copyleft licens…

Type: Archive

El cant de la xitxarra

Radioshow featuring netaudio music. In euskera.

Type: Radio

Blog promoting creative commons music and netlabel releases.

Type: Blog

Internet Archive Netlabels

This extensive archive has been archiving netlabels and their releases since 2003.

Type: Archive

Jumbly music

Youtube channel for sessions of any genre, any style. As long as it can be available to the listener…

Type: Youtube


A German language podcast featuring Creative Commons music.

Type: Podcast

Musique Libre

A French language non-profit organization focused on spreading the word about free culture and shari…

Type: Organization

Netlabel Archive

This important archive is dedicated to preserving the information and music of inactive netlabels. I…

Type: Archive

Netlabel Day

The annual event celebrating netlabel culture every July 14th. Every year labels participate and rel…

Type: Event

Netlabel Interview Project

Blog focusing on interviewing netlabels with a commons set of questions in order to document the cul…

Type: Blog


Outstanding Covers from Netlabels / Netaudio releases

Type: Blog

The original Netlabel information resource and guide which still features newly posted blog posts ev…

Type: Guide

A podcast specializing in spotlighting great Creative Commons music.

Type: Podcast


Blog that features about 800 reviews of netaudio releases

Type: Blog

Notable Netlabel releases and Illusory

Blog to support Creative Commons musicians and netlabels

Type: Blog


Music reviews, desktop wallpapers and computer how-to articles. Only Creative Commons content.

Type: Blog

Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory

Pete Cogle has been podcasting since January 2006, specialising in Netlabels and Creative Commons mu…

Type: Podcast

Radio Brennpunkt

Radio Brennpunkt is streaming Internet radio playing a mix of unusual music, sound art, live shows, …

Type: Radio

Recent Music Heroes

Reviews of music for free download.

Type: Blog

Rynothebearded #OO Top 10

A weekly podcast where they recap the top tracks as decided by the voters of the #OO chat.

Type: Podcast

The archive houses the largest demoscene file repository and has been active since 1996. It also con…

Type: Archive


Soundshiva is open non-commercial netaudio catalogue. Mission is to help netlabels and artists to sh…

Type: Catalog

Great Creative Commons music resource featuring 24/7 radio streams and the #hot111 chart.

Type: Radio


Ziklibrenbib is a collaborative initiative to bring openly-licensed music to public libraries. (Fren…

Type: Blog

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